Tips for Taming Your Office Tiger
Tips for Taming Your Office Tiger
Rolaine Stoddard

Welcome to Tips for Taming Your Office Tiger

Lessons learned about how to use your computer & QuickBooks to sensibly improve your cash flow

Come into our collaboration space!


If you change when and how you enter your data into your QuickBooks, you can unlock all kinds of timesaving and money savers, as well as powerful financial performance feedback insights into your firm.  This collaboration room is a place where the folks taking my cloud tech product exploration learning labs can meet with and network with each other. In my courses, You'll learn proven business management and bookkeeping techniques and time savers so you can focus on improving your business, not spend all of your time doing the administrative stuff in it:  You'll learn how to safely conduct business over the Internet.  You'll learn how to better protect yourself against fraud and identity theft.  


My husband and I figured out how to use my community empowerment research, accounting internal controls best practices, building science, his equipment repair skills, and my accounting/office management skills to rebuild and flourish a specialty subcontractor firm he had purchased. We needed less than half of the operating cash that it took his competitor hood cleaning firms to survive on to successfully rebuild his firm after we bought it.  We even got nicknamed by some local municipal, code enforcement officials as "the miracle couple" because of what we were able to accomplish in promoting public safety across the western New York community and championing small business well being on so few dollars.  We are willing to share with you exactly how we did this. 


I am a cloud technology trainer and a small business success coach, who specializes in cash flow improvement coaching and in training adults who have never used a computer in a business setting before. I am an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, a former tax accountant and a former university business management and accounting adjunct instructor.  I don't like watching all of the economic struggles going on around me,  and I hear so much of the business pain felt across the nation every single day through my job at Intuit.  Hence, I feel compelled to accept a personal ministry calling from my God to stand up and do something real that will make a difference for the better for as many tiny firms nationwide as possible.  Don't care what religion you are or are not, don't care what your race is, just want to bring together a bunch of people who practice integrity and who want to join me in making our economic outlook much stronger and brighter for our tiny firms.

Intuit has been kind enough to allow me to share many links to its vast library of small business resources with you here as well as teach you its amazing Intuit in the Classroom college curricula.  I'm also sharing my own community empowerment research along with my cash flow improvement lessons that I've learned over the years from my tax advocacy and cash flow improvement consulting, ProAdvisor practice as well as stuff we learned from my husband's firm's building equipment servicing and air-flow improvement consulting engagements.


Design for delight is Intuit's not so secret sauce strategy that it uses for delivering awesomeness to its customers in real time.  I will show you how to use this amazing strategy that has propelled that firm on to international, large corporation status with over 10,000 employees.  But it works amazingly well for micro firms too, with a couple of minor modifications.  It teaches you how to hear the voice of the customer.  

There are four additional voices you need to pay attention to if you want to get out of "THE MAZE" the voice of your buildings and equipment, the voice of your employees, the voice of the regulator, and the voice of your vendors and supply chain partners.  You will get step-by-step, job-shadow the office manager training in how to find and hear these voices in my cloud tech product exploration learning labs. 

The starting point place for the collaborative, conversations is my own, [on the extreme outer fringes of wild and traumatic] adventures and the many road blocks and career setbacks which I encountered while trying to graduate and become a solopreneur in Western New York.  You may agree with my "client empathy" overview of the systemic barriers preventing small business from surviving in New York State. You may disagree with me and that is totally okay too. Now that I've moved to Tennessee, I'm seeing a totally different perspective.  Diversity and inclusion are wonderful!!

I want to start a grassroots effort to raise awareness of the unbelievable amount of fraud scams going on in the restaurants and building trades industries in the New York state region, so we as a business community can unite to stop the slow motion train wreck of the entire upstate New York ecosystem or mega supply chain that I have watched in horror as it is happening these past 15 years.  Unfortunately, I am convinced that state is NOT getting out of this perfect storm predicament any time soon without outside, fiscal stability  intervention ideas exchange sharing from people and firms who are located elsewhere in the USA. Which means there is now a potential business opportunity for a whole bunch of solopreneurs and home-based, micro-firms located all across the USA.  If we all come together and unite for peace and harmony in the community, we can make this dream happen!

But please, let's start the conversations, keep it always professional and respectful, and see where it takes all of us!

Why You Should Join


* If you do have an interest in becoming self-employed, you can join my ProAdvisor incubator where I will train you in how to help a fiscally upside down client regain prosperity and voluntary compliance with the many laws there so you can help the coalition with its efforts to rebuild New York state after the Covid 19 lockdown, even if you are located somewhere else in the USA.   The need for mentor firms or academic tutors is great!  

* There is a Wiki type collection of tips, tricks, tools, and building science or management science to help you understand the basics of sensible cash flow improvement. It also contains a whole bunch of Quickbooks training. This is the body of knowledge I draw from when teaching my job skills building courses.

* The cloud technology exploration learning labs which I am gradually adding to the community space will also walk you through what I would typically look for, and evaluate as well as the cash flow interventions that I regularly utilize within my Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor private tax practice

* The wiki will show you where financially upside-down clients often may make mistakes in their QuickBooks bookkeeping and how to guide them through fixing them.

* Soon, you'll learn how to make sweet, interactive, fully- Section 504 and Section 508 accessibility compliant lessons using an open-source lesson authoring tool where you only have to type in the text that you want to see appear on a page, then check a few boxes and the tool does the rest for you.  

* You can explore hands-on a whole bunch of my preferred vendors' popular cloud technology.  

* I'll show you where the most common client thinking errors and cash flow gobbling traps are in the smallest firms.  

* You'll learn how you and your clients can utilize their computer or their smart phone and accounting internal controls to drastically yet sensibly lower operating costs across the organization while going a long ways towards deterring theft.  

* We'll walk through the building science that will either make or break your company's ability to flourish in the long term.  

* Lastly, I'll show you how to negotiate with a government agency and achieve meaningful results for your struggling clients who have tiny little shoe-string budgets.  I was able to successfully campaign to get a few hurtful laws clarified and changed in New York State government.  That is hard to do.  I will show you what I learned from it.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your interest in making the world a better place.  Together, we can collaborate with each other to heal our own communities, create or sustain new job and business opportunities, and make buildings across New York state safer places to live and work, Come be part of our efforts to restore unity of purpose, harmony and mutual respect to our communities.  And the ulitmate goal is to help your new freelancer or struggling small business succeed!

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